Derogations to the maximum speed of monocable gondola lifts

Derogations to the maximum speed of monocable gondola lifts

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The journey time in gondola lifts depends on the distance they have to cover and their speed. European harmonized regulations, in particular EN12929-1:2015, state that the maximum speed for monocable gondola lifts must be 6 m/s (21,6 km/h). While it should be noted that this regulation gives “presumption of conformity” to EU Regulation 2016/424, it is not mandatory and derogations can be obtained in some cases.

So, as long as it is duly justified, the promoters can ask the regulatory bodies of the country (for example at the STRMTG in France), the approval of the exploitation of ropeways at speeds higher than 6 m/s.

In fact, there are already some monocable gondola lifts where the maximum speed is 7 m/s (25.2 km/h) for various reasons, such as having to travel long distances or because they are located in an urban environment where journey time is crucial. This is the case of the new Vercland gondola at Samoëns ski resort, the Fleckalmbahn gondola on the Kitzbühel slopes, the Ba Na gondola in Vietnam and the future line 2 of the Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) urban gondola lift.

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